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Learn about SHAPEDOWN, for over 30 years, the nation's leading Weight Management Program for Children and Teens.

Request a referral to a SHAPEDOWN Provider in your area.

You can also order SHAPEDOWN training books for your family.

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Here you can learn about the programs and services we offer to support your child obesity care:

Intervention – SHAPEDOWN – For over 30 years, the nation’s leading Weight Management Program for Children and Teens.

Prevention – Just for Kids! is an obesity prevention an health education program for young people.

Training - Advanced Clinical Education in Child and Adolescent Obesity on convenient DVD's.

Assessment - My Family Profile is a computerized biopsychosocial assessment instrument.

For Famillies - Learn About Child Obesity and the SHAPEDOWN Weight Management Program Health Professionals  - Learn about Child Obesity Intervention, Prevention, Training and Assessment Tools to Support Your Child Obesity Care